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Is it Haram to Own this Lego?

Is it Haram (impermissible) to Own this Lego?

(Question submitted to the Great Large Big-Time Supreme Fatwa Council)

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Brass Crescent Awards

Alright folks its a little late but better late than never I say. Today is the last day of nomination for the Brass Crescent Awards. You can nominate your favorite blogs (Hint, Hint) for various categories. Be sure to nominate the right blogs otherwise you will be swamped by a horde of Legos!

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When Lego Figures Go Evil: Episode I

Let this be a warning for everyone. When you are fast asleep, you may never know what your Lego mini-figures may be up to. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and went to the Kitchen to get some water but saw the following scene.

Here is a close up and the conversation before I disrupted it.

Mad Scientist: Good, good. Hahahaha. Now be a pair of good legos and step into the microwave.
Masud: But why? Why are you doing this Mr. Mad Scientist?
Mad Scientist: To know the melting point of lego people and to establish myself as the most evil scientist amongst the lego people. Hahaha.
Amina: You are crazy!
Stormtrooper: Into the microwave!

That was when I disrupted the party and averted this disaster.

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