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The Artist Formerly Known as Abu Pokemon

There are just too many things bad going in the world, Abu Pokemon has thought about just giving up and putting things to rest but he is not the quitting type but since Abu Pokemon is not feeling like posting himself, we the Lego people working for him had to post for him.

From now on Abu Pokemon shall be known as Abu Bokemon to avoid any issues in the future, with this announcement here is his brand new website. http://www.abubokemon.com

P.S: Dont tell Abu Bokemon that we posted this.

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The Legend of Pasha Dracula or How to ward of Muslim Vampires

This should have been posted on Halal-o-ween but better late than never. The events narrated in this story are true, the name of the people have been changed for the purpose of annonymity.

(1) On a foggy Thursday afternoon in Romania Ahmet was going back to his home from the Mosque of Transylvania, he decided to rest in the park.

(2) Unknown to him however Pasha Dracula (the nephew of the more famous Count Dracula) had been hiding close by.

(3) The Pasha was expecting a swift victory and having Ahmet’s blood for iftar that day but Ahmet was smart one. He had heard of the legend of the Pasha so he had taken precautions. He lied down and whistled for his secret weapon.

(4) And in no time Pasha Dracula was running for his life, his plans for iftar were foiled.

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Abu Pokemon Gets Nominated!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Abu Pokemon has been nominated for the Brass Crescent Awards. This means that people actually read this blog, what a relief.

Now that there is a burst of traffic on this blog because of the nomination I would like to point out to the new readers why they should vote for this blog. (Inspired from the Rally To Restore Sanity/Fear)

(1) If you do not vote for Abu Pokemon then the Terrorists will win:

(2) If you do not vote for Abu Pokemon then Britney Spears will become president:

(3) If you do not vote for Abu Pokemon then Gay Muslim Illegal Aliens will take your job:

You can vote at the following URL:  http://www.brasscrescent.org/

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Is it Haram to Own this Lego?

Is it Haram (impermissible) to Own this Lego?

(Question submitted to the Great Large Big-Time Supreme Fatwa Council)

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Brass Crescent Awards

Alright folks its a little late but better late than never I say. Today is the last day of nomination for the Brass Crescent Awards. You can nominate your favorite blogs (Hint, Hint) for various categories. Be sure to nominate the right blogs otherwise you will be swamped by a horde of Legos!


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When Lego Figures Go Evil: Episode I

Let this be a warning for everyone. When you are fast asleep, you may never know what your Lego mini-figures may be up to. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and went to the Kitchen to get some water but saw the following scene.

Here is a close up and the conversation before I disrupted it.

Mad Scientist: Good, good. Hahahaha. Now be a pair of good legos and step into the microwave.
Masud: But why? Why are you doing this Mr. Mad Scientist?
Mad Scientist: To know the melting point of lego people and to establish myself as the most evil scientist amongst the lego people. Hahaha.
Amina: You are crazy!
Stormtrooper: Into the microwave!

That was when I disrupted the party and averted this disaster.

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Master of the Jinn in Lego

Ever wondered how the cover of brother Irving Karchmar‘s Master of the Jinn would like? Well wonder no more!

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