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Happy Independence Day and Flood Relief

To my Pakistani, Indian and Korean readers, Happy Independence day. Just like Ramadan I am late in the announcement but better late than never as the adage goes.

(A) The British left South Asia 63 years ago and like many other place from where the British Empire left its mark, the place has been a mess since then.

(B) The independent nations of Pakistan and India were born in 1947 and have been going at one another since then but since its the independence day we will not discuss that today but just wish these two nations well for the future and hope for peace and prosperity for more than 1.35 billion people in the Indian Sub-Continent. Ameen.

(C) I wanted to wish Pakistani and Indian people Happy Independence day and also point out to a great humanitarian crisis in Pakistan. By many accounts it may be the biggest humanitarian disaster of the last 10 years and yet the media here is not really talking about it. Consequently the international response has been woeful20 million people have been directly affected by the flood and more than 2 million people have become homeless. The international community has been slow to respond but things seem to be changing slowly.

Pakistaniat has a list of relief agencies where you can donate money for the relief effort. Here is the link:

ATP Gives: What Are Good Ways to Help Flood Victims in Pakistan?

Please also remember these people in your duas.

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