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Meanwhile in France …

Brothers, Sisters, Friends and Enemies, its been a while since I posted last. Actually that was the only post in the blog as well. Just in case you were wondering that Abu Pokemon was gone for good, fear not because I am back. First I lost my camera and haven’t gotten a new one till now. Secondly it was the usual busy with schoolwork thing. Anyway I am back with (hopefully) regular posts.

Lately I have been wondering why France has banned wearing the burka and why is Sarkozy so concerned. If you were puzzled then dont be puzzled any more because I think I have cracked the code and why Mr. sarkozy is perfectly justified in banning the Burka even though it affects 200 or so women in France.

(1) Here is a French Muslim woman without the Burka or the niqab, she seems harmless and innocent enough.

(2) Here is the same French Muslim woman with the Niqab, she may seem harmless enough at first glance but looks can be deceiving.

(3) Here is a Stormtrooper from Starwars. He or she is working for Sith Lords in the Evil Empire.

(4) Here are the two side by side. OMG, that’s it, the Niqab is yet another device that converts innocent Muslim women into Storm Troopers from Star Wars! It is a Muslim conspiracy to take over the (French) Republic and declare the Evil Empire. It all makes sense now, doesn’t it? Think about it Darth Vader, that sounds like an exotic Middle Eastern name, right?

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